Setting up SNMP via a script

I have been trying to do this for way too long. There does not seem to be a way that I understand to set up SNMP via a script.
I did, however discover this little gem;
sysocmgr that you can read about here:
sysocmgr /i:c:Windowsinfsysoc.inf /r /u:c:tempsnmp_cfg.txt
And c:tempsnmp_cfg.txt looks like this:
 Accept_CommunityName = public:Read_Create
 Any_Host = Yes
 Community_Name = public
 Contact_Name = "OldDog"
 Location = "MYOB, SF, Ca"
 Traps = <- where you want them sent. My HP-SIM server or SCOM or wherever.
 Service = Physical, Applications, Datalink, Internet, End-to-End

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