Want to Show a vbScript MsgBox in Powershell ?

I wanted to ask before I closed my Excel spreadsheet. In vbScript, I used a msgbox for this.
I found this process for PowerShell and it works.
#<—– Start POSH Script ————————————————————->
Function Show-Msgbox {
  Param([string]$message=$(Throw "You must specify a message"),
      [string]$title="Message Box"
# Buttons: OkOnly, OkCancel, AbortRetryIgnore, YesNoCancel, YesNo, RetryCancel
# Icons: Critical, Question, Exclamation, Information
  [reflection.assembly]::loadwithpartialname("microsoft.visualbasic") | Out-Null
$rc=Show-Msgbox -message "Do you want to view the Spredsheet?" `
-icon "exclamation" -button "YesNoCancel" -title "Hey $env:username!!"
Switch ($rc) {
 "Yes" {$xl.Visible = $True }
 # close and release resources
 "No" {$y.close($false)
  spps -n excel } #<—- This will shut down every instance of Excell (for sure!)
 "cancel" {"When in doubt, punt."}
#<———— End of Script ————————————————————->

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