Renaming MP3 Files with Powershell

I recently bought ZZ Tops album “Rancho Texicano, The Very Best of ZZ Top” from Amazon. When I downloaded the album it had the Track number preceding the song name. Like this:
20 – I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide (Remastered).mp3
I prefer that the track numbers not be part of the file name, so I wrote this little script to strip the track number from the file name.

$dir = Get-ChildItem "C:\MUSIC\Rancho Texicano The Very Best of ZZ Top" -include *.mp3 -recurse
 foreach($x in $dir)
 { $FileName = $
 $N = $FileName.tostring()
 $E = $N.split("-")
 $F = $E[1]
 $newname = $F.Trim()
 Rename-Item $x $newname

It worked so fast I thought I had made an error, and now my ZZ Top songs appear in alphabetical order.
Two problems with this:

1. The song Bar-B-Que.mp3 came out Bar with no extension. So be careful.

2. My original script left a leading space in the name of each song.  I fixed that by adding the trim function: $newname = $F.trim()


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