My SharePoint 2010 Powershell tutorial for SharePoint 200 developers

Serge Luca's Blog (SharePoint & Office 365 MVP)

Here is an extract of the Powershell module of my  SharePoint 2010 for developers course.


1.1 lab.introduction to Powershell

In this lab, you will work out a number of exercises that have to do with Powershell.

In Lab1 you will discover the main Powershell concepts; in Lab 2, you will apply these concepts.

1.1.1 Lab 1.discovering Powershell

1. Start the Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell.


2. To get help, type:


3. To see all the commands available, type :

4. To see how to use Get-Command, type get-help get-Command; you will notice the Noun option:


5. To get the list of all Sharepoint commands, type:

You will notice familiar cmdlets like Get-SPUser, Get- SPWeb, Get- SPSite,…

Sharepoint commands are organized as verb-noun like Enable-SPFeature.

You can type Get-Command –Noun SPFeature*or Get-Command –verb Enable.

6. In Powershell, there…

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