My New Thing: Desired State Configuration

I have been working on a contract for about four months now. Originaly I was tasked with provisioning about 500 servers at a new data center using vmWare. I started doing them one at a time using the vmWare front end. I soon was persauded to investigate powerCli and I was able to script the installs. That is much better and faster. In the mean time, a couple of other guys were working on this thing called DSC or Desired State Configuration. This is a Powershell V4 script that automates your server configuration and if done correctly, keeps the configuration intact. If you want to know about this in more detail check out the *”FREE”* “DSC BOOK” at once there Access all of their free eBooks in their Public OneDrive Folder.

Both of those guys left and I was tasked with finishing the project.

I have had many adventures getting this stuff to work an I plan on detailing some of them in future posts.