Using tsclient to map drives

I am working on a project that involves moving a lot of files out of a lab environment into the production environment. The lab is behind a firewall that prevents production machines from mapping drives directly. I did find that my Windows 7 desktop can present its drives to the machines in the lab via the RDP client. The drives show up as a tsclient drive. It looks like this on the remote machine:

G on MyComputer

You need to set up your RDP connection:


And select More… under local devices and resources


And check drives. If you click the plus sign you can even select which drives you want use.

So, I found that I could drag and drop files from the E: drive on my server in the lab to the G drive on my laptop. Great, but I wanted to use robocopy for this. I found that if I did a net use y: \\tsclient\G it mapped the drive to y: .

My laptop has a drive mapped to my production server drive Z:

So I mapped X: to \\tsclient\Z

I could then Robocopy files from the Y: drive to X: with no problem.

I am sure the professional paranoids in security will have a fit about this, but in the meantime I can do my job.